Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Still experiencing technical dificulties

ARRRRGGGHHHHH! Ouch, I just bit the inside of my mouth. Just let me vent here for a little bit. That way I can go home and NOT yell at Mr. Bigness for tracking sand into the house. I'm at the cybercafe again, which is so inconvenient, not to mention expensive, paying for internet at $12 an hour, since I'm already paying $100 a month for a DSL connection at home. I went to Belize City today to pick up my computer and $113 later (plus $35 for the water taxi fare) and my computer is STILL doing the same thing it was, which leads me to believe that there wasn't anything wrong with my mother (foker) board, it is the monitor. So I called the company and asked them if I could buy a monitor from them and send them a check on the plane (sounds weird, but that's how we do busiuness 20 miles offshore-by plane and boat-using our favorite taxi man in the city to fetch and carry for us) And if it wasn't the monitor, could I bring it back on Monday? Makes sense to me. Makes NO sense to them. I have to bring the whole computer back to them tomorrow, pay the $35 water taxi fare, drag my ass all around town in a beat up dusty taxi. I have to see that it works FINE just FINE in their office. Its my monitor, which was the ONE thing that I didn't bring into the city to have them check. OF COURSE!
Oh, BTW, the Italians have arrived which means that Caye Caulker is a nudist colony. Ayiyi, too many mauger men in speedos and woman with eggs around their waist. I bet you can't wait till I get my computer back and I can post pictures!


Rev. Dennis J. Shane, D.D., ULC said...

I KNEW I should have come down to CC this week! lol

For all the $$ back and forth you could have bought a new monitor.

Caribbean Colors said...

I agree Denny. I'm really considering going laptop the whole way. I was shopping for one at Court's in Belize City last week and they only wanted 300% MORE than the manufacturer's suggested retail price for an HP pavillion. What a deal!