Monday, August 08, 2005

Illustration Friday August 6-Empty

This submission is for Illustration Friday. The peice is actually called La Solidad (the aloneness) Its my favorite quiet spot when I want to get away and read I go here. The peice is a hand-colored photo. I shot the photo and made a giclee print on Arches 140 lb hot press watercolor paper. The coloring is done with oil pastel, prismacolor pencil, iridescent oil sticks and watercolor pencil.
YeAh! My computer is fixed, and it wasn't the monitor, it was a faulty power supply. I won't bore you with the details about taking it back to Belize City on the water taxi, all the sweating and swearing that I did. Aren't you glad you use dial, don't you wish everyone did?


Caribbean Colors said...

And also, if they used closeup and listerine the world would be a better place too. Sorry to the next person commenting if I beat them to the punchline.

lucretia pepper said...

ahah! :)
no, I'm rubbish with punchlines...
(oooh, beliiiize... sorry, just daydreaming...)

plumitas said...

Before you think to write a word in Spanish, "LA SOLIDAD", first of all look at your dictionary.