Monday, August 08, 2005

New discoveries and same ole same old

It seems like I’ve been offline forever, its been 2-1/2 weeks of back and forth computer repairs. As usual the very expensive computer repair was completely the fault of our local electric company. The island is powered by 2 giant diesel engines. It appears that they are having a problem with the big engine (maybe they should remember to put fuel in it this time) so they are using the little engine, which has voltage regulation problems. Uh oh… Is the utility company responsible for blowing things up? Not here in Belize.

On the upside, I discovered a new fruit.

The first 20 times the little spanish girl at the market said the name I thought she said "Mfergfhg fruit" then I listened REAL CLOSE one more time. Its called Dragonfruit.
Aint it purty? It tastes like kiwi. I asked the little spanish girl how to eat it and she said, you cut it, den you eats it. So I followed her very detailed instructions and it was delish, but weird eating white fruit with black specks. That fuscia on the inside skin was fabulous though, I wish I had a lipstick that color. I used to…. back in 1982

Is this new to only me or have any of you seen this fruit before? Is it really called the Dragon Fruit?

This is a photo illustration I made of my youngest daughter Mal, as Dragonfruit Girl


still life said...

i have never seen that fruit here in new's amazing with such gorgeous color and texture. yes, i think that i see your dilemma; should you eat it or wear it!

Lost said...

Amazingly enough it really IS called Dragonfruit. I've seen it here (in Canada) but I've never tried it because I didn't know how to eat it. Maybe I'll try it now.

wayne said...

The name in Spanish is pitaya and it is gorgeous. Tasty too! We only get it in the stores in the fall.