Monday, August 15, 2005

I must have looked like I had STUPID tatooed on my forehead

Ahhhh.... the Italians have arrived.
I was given a painstaking explanation, in English, this morning, by someone from a country that begins with the letter I, that Zey vood like waaaan explaaaaaaaaaaaaasso.
I answered, Sure! Which in perky Americanish is the same as o.k., or yes, right now, or right away. I turned around to push the button on our Gaggia (Italian) superautomatic espresso machine and the "person" said. "Eeeet eees daaa leeeeetle koffeeeeee, not zeee beeeeeg waaaaan. "
I finished pulling the shot and said with a big smile on my face "Pague por favor cuatro dólares al hombre gigante allá." roughly translates to please pay $4 to the giant man over there"
Note to self: I have to remember to start speaking English with my fake Spanish accent again.

As another side note, I think I've been working too hard because I've lost my sense of humour (and my feet hurt). Just ask the water taxi boat captain who "misplaced" my $360 coffee order today. So, I'm taking off for the mainland until Friday, working at my studio, and am going to enjoy the quiet while it lasts.
Adios Amigos - Living in Paradise


Rev. Dennis J. Shane, D.D., ULC said...

If I didn't know better I would ask how someone misplaces a $360 coffee order... but then I realize this is Belize we're talking about ;)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hullo. I found your blog at Vit's. I got curious because I once considered living in Belize. Now I'm even more curious because of the art gallery.

Hope you don't mind, I'll stick around to read some more.

Caribbean Colors said...

GG- I just found your site, your stories remind me so much of Belize. Our nurse here on Caye Caulker (Donna) is from Guyana. There are a lot of similarities between the two countries, the accent is similar, the formalness. You might like Belize. Guyana is a member of Caricom, so that would make it easier for you to come.

Caribbean Colors said...

Yes, I'm still here, I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

Restless Angel said...

I just found your comment at my blog.... I'm sorry! You must've thought I was ignoring you or something.... Bad Angel!

Any-who, I've read over a few entries, lovin' your space... mind if I link you sometime over at RA?

piu piu said...

what sort of work do you make?

Caribbean Colors said...

Sure RA, the more the merrier.

Caribbean Colors said...

Piu Piu, I do hand colored photography, watercolors and I paint on silk with the French serti technique. You can see my (always unfinshed) website at or my flickr site at