Thursday, August 11, 2005

Operation Milagros

Mr. Bigness went to Cuba on Sunday to have his eye surgery and will be back in about 10 days… Its a fabulous and very much needed program that these 3 governments are sponsoring.
Belize Times Article Link (this news clip is about the first group of patients, Bigness is in the 2nd group)
He called last night from Cuba and said they weren’t feeding him enough, and he was hungry and wanted to come home. The surgery had taken about 15 minutes, he was awake the whole time. They are taking really good care of the group but won’t let them leave the hotel without an escort. I can see (pun) why. I wouldn’t want 100 old blind people wandering around downtown Havana either. Bigness is 6 foot 4 and at least 275 lbs, and he’s not fat, he’s just big. He eats about six times a day. I don’t think they make people as big as he is in Cuba. A couple of months ago I put him on a diet for about an hour and a half. He came into the cafe telling me he couldn’t cope with the diet, that he felt all weak and shaky. I sat him down and made him a banana smoothie, then he ate a cookie and a piece of cake, then his hunger headache went away.
The upside to Bigness being absent is the big bed all to myself, hours and hours of guilt free internet cruising and NO BOXING or ESPN on TV. I’m able to watch my fave programs, “What Not to Wear” and “Sex and the City”. The downside is no one is cooking for me (and I’m hungry,) and no one’s washing the dishes for me. I can honestly say that I miss his constant teasing. No one's here to eat my ant cake.

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