Monday, July 25, 2005

Real Untouched Conversation

Me: hhhhhrrrrrrgggg.... My throat kinda hurts.
Mr. Bigness: me too babes
Me: when did yours start?
Mr. Bigness: about a week past
Me: (incredulous) and you were still kissing me ON THE MOUTH?
Mr. Bigness: ...
Me: remember I explained to you about the oral transmission of disease? How when your throat hurts, you are not supposed to put your mouth on me anywhere? You pass your sickness to me ORALLY!
Mr. Bigness: but babes, you know I can't resist you.
Me: ...

So I have a sore throat, fever AND my computer is screwed up again. So, you might not hear from me for a couple of days.
Question: do you think Mr. BIgness should be punished for this? Maybe I should give him chickenpox as revenge or measles. What do you think?


blithering moron said...

dont give him anything, he will just give it back anyway.

still life said...

yes...punish him.
as soon as he gets better, give it right back and then gloat as you will be healing!

my computer's giving me problems too.

Lisa said...

Aaww, come on, that's kinda sweet, in a warped sorta way lol

Nice blog. :)

thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

Rev. Dennis J. Shane, D.D., ULC said...

I think some kind of non-death threatening disease, just enough to make him miserable, would be in order!

none said...

you complain after you fed him ant cake??

Caribbean Colors said...

Uh, well... er... I guess the answer to that is... yes.