Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Something really important happened

Something really important happened, although I don’t know what it was… Someone special came to Caye Caulker, but I don’t know who. I was on my verandah (porch) MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, washing the laundry with my fully manual washing machine and I looked down into the police yard.

I noticed that they had raked and chopped (with a machete) their yard, and had neatly stacked the empty beer bottles, leftover from the last party they had, in the back of the now defunct police golf cart cruiser.

It looked like they hosed out the putrid mess of the building and maybe even the piss cell. (I captured this with my spycam) The officers were all spiffed up in their dress uniforms and standing at attention – in the rain.

The boat arrived and this guy came ashore, (the one in the white shirt). I had to stop taking pictures for a little while because the clicking noise on my camera was making them nervous and I didn't want anyone to shoot at me. (Is it really necessary to say hahahaha, just messin with ya, when its so obvious, that I am) Maybe it was me standing up there in my granny nightgown and white tube socks that brought on the nerves, peering at them thru the plastic lattice. (Whe de white lady she di do?)

They took a quick walk, I mean inspected the putrid building and then went on a joy ride in the new police cruiser.

Anyone have any idea who this was?
Me neither.

I don't think this is the president of Mexico (Vicente Fox), and our Prime Minister (Said Musa) is grey haired and about 4 feet 11 inches tall, and wouldn't come in a boat, they would fly him in one of Belize's two military planes (the one with the gas in it). Mr. Bigness said that it could be the Minister of Defense, but wouldn't he be wearing a military uniform or something, or a suit and tie? Whoever the mystery man was, he sure made them stand at attention.


Lisa said...

It would drive me nuts not knowing who this person was. Especially seeing as they were all standing to attention on his arrival. You have to find out ok? you just have to...cos now I really have to know lol

Swirly said...

How curious...I love observing the goings-on in other people's lives that I know nothing about. Most of the time I'd rather not know, then I can use my iimagination to ponder all the possible explanations.