Saturday, August 13, 2005

Does this look safe to you?

Does this look safe to you? Yes, another photo from the now famous verandah into the police yard. Looks like a MOLOTOV COCKTAIL goin' on down there. I wonder how long its been like that and I just didn't notice, sorta kinda like the baby milk in my coffee incident, but in a much more flammable way. Am I just being premenstrual about this? Doesn't that look like a giant bomb waiting to go off. I'm handling this in the Belizean way. I told someone to tell the police that its not a good thing to stick a peice of something (looks like a plastic bag) in the opening of a 50 GALLON GASOLINE DRUM, because it could be used as a WICK! I would tell them myself but it looks like they aren't having a safety problem with the position, because its CLOSER TO MY BUILDING THAN THEIRS!!! The conversation would go something like this "Saaage, de white gial, de big ting, she de complayn complayn complayn like wan parrott bout de gas on top a de soakaway. She de say dat like wan bomb. I no tink so, noh tru?
Nighty night all! Pleasant dream and bombs away! If you don't hear from me within 2 weeks, send the coast guard.


none said...

is woody allen nearby with a camera crew filming Bananas II?

Michael Manning said...

I agree with you. Worse than trash cans or mailboxes outside an airport terminal entrance!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ain't we Caribbean people just do you spell that word?

F L E E said...

hey there!
i wish one day i'll retire and open a gallery too!
here's one lee to another Lee,
nice work you got there!
see you at the next illustration Friday!

Lee aka Salamander

Anonymous said...