Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Zee Zzzwizzz Beckpeckers Hev Arrive

Zey kyam fram Ondurazzz end r so heppy to find a kleeen playz to itttt.
Ja vole.
Vat tiiime do you epen in ze morgen?
Veeee vill be heeeer.
Vee heeere about zee koffeeee.
Vee loooffff Koffeeeeee.
Strongggg Koffeeee.
(I'm sure they make fun of my accent too)
Zaye loook at me and vonder isss she spenish or is she amerikanish?
Note to self: time to get the NO SMOKING in six different languages sign out again.


Caroline said...

That was great - I love being able to read in their voices!

Rainypete said...

I like ze zwizz. They are a pretty cool group.

Caribbean Colors said...

Zey are so klin klin klin end naaaaazzzzzz, end lof ze koffeeee

cream said...

How do you make a Swiss Roll? Push him down the hill.
They're so clean that when you leave Switzerland you have to take your rubbish home with you!
That would be a good idea, wouldn't it?
I like you Swiss accent, Lee!

Caribbean Colors said...

Zey ett all of zee spinage kiish dis abend.
Cream, I have a similar tactic here on Caye Caulker. We recycle all the old cardboard boxes that things are shipped in. I cut them down onto packing flats and pack the prints and paintings in them, so our trash ends up all over the world. My favorite boxes are adult diapers, however, when I send my parents their Christmas gifts, its always in a rum box (they are tea totalers)

cream said...

Lee, you have a wicked sense of humour! Fancy giving your parents a fright!

Caribbean Colors said...

They haven't met Bigness yet either, talk about frightening, he's making noises about going to visit with me this June. I told he he couldn't come unless he stops saying the word "fok". So far, zero success rate. I think I set the bar too high.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Me like them Swiss people too. Me like how them clean, clean, clean.

Me like Bigness, hahaha...he don't follow nobody rules hahaha...

Me gone to dance to music on de radio.