Sunday, November 13, 2005

Near, Far and Cant Stop Playing This Game

Weather Report:
its 85 and sunny

I've had the weird headache again - all week, which is very unusual for me. I never get headaches, well hardly ever. Its behind my eyes and at the base of my skull on the left side.

And I can't stop playing this game
My high score was 2470.

So amuse yourselves for a while, its like opening a bag of potato chips - or in my case, a bag of Hershey's kisses, I can't stop until they are all gone.

About the headache, it might have been a mild case of the flu (we are getting germs from all over the world coming in here now), or stress (who me?) or it might be my eyes, I think my eyes are changing again and my glasses prescription is too strong. I'm nearsited and they say that as a woman approaches men-o-pause a nearsited woman can become farsited. Well whatever it is, its annoying and I can't think straight.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Drink lots o' water, get some solid sleep. And test your eyes. All this so you can start posting again :-) Get well soon.

admsgrl said...

I am well known for practicing medicine without a licence...but I know this from my personal experience. Griff gets migraine headaches a few times a year...right now is a typical time for him to get them because of the change in the season. He's tried every presciption on the market and none of them work. But he does get relief from an herb called Feverfew. He takes them now to prevent fact I'm going to the health food store today to get more. The eye theory is also a good one. Water is always a good thing and it can't hurt you. Maybe you should go on WEBMD and do a self diagnosis. Missed you last week. Be well. MB

cream said...

I had a headache yesterday... Saturday night was a late one! Too much Armagnac!
GG is right, get your eyes tested.

admsgrl said...

Hi again, YUP! I just read your blog to Griff on the phone, and that's exactly how he describes his headaches. Here's the remedy...1) NO coffee 2) NO alcohol 3) NO Sex...just kidding. 4) The feverfew 3times a day for the first week, then 1per day thereafter. Good luck.

Caribbean Colors said...

I don't usually drink, but the night before the brain attack I had 3 beers and smoked a ciggy at the Oceanside, and I don't smoke.
Ahhh so it all comes clear now...