Thursday, November 17, 2005

And they said it couldn't be done

Bigness: Babes, how many of this do I put in the jello (holding up a 14 ounce coffee mug)
Me: how many packages of jello?
Bigness: 2
Me: big or small packs
Bigness: big
Me: well that's 14 ounces, so each mug is 1-3/4 cups and each package takes 4-8oz. cups of water ( I whip out my brain calculator) so you should put 4-1/2 mugs of water to make 2 packs.
Bigness: Oh...
Me: What
Bigness: I put 8
Me: do wehave any more jello in the cupboard?
Bigness: no, but its o.k., it'll work
Me: no it wont
Bigness: you watch
Me: ... ( I silently say to myself, NO IT WONT)
Skip to the next day... it worked, it wasn't jello water, but was light and fluffy jello, not hard set but it didn't slip off the spoon either.
We ate it all. Being grown up means that we are allowed to eat things like jello and chocolate cake for breakfast.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Ah luuuuv this guy's attitude:

", but its o.k., it'll work..."

Mm, I can do with something choclatey right now.

cream said...

There is nowt like discovering that science isn't always perfect!
Karen makes sugar-free jellies to which she adds frozen or tinned fruit. I remember when we first got together she used to set them in the freezing bathroom!