Saturday, December 07, 2013

Illustration Friday - Patterns

Hand Painted Silk African Woman in Pucci inspired pattern dress. The original art has sold, but prints are available on FINE ART AMERICA. 
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Photography Prints

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Illustration Friday - Together

I have titled this "The Other Three Graces - Grace Martinez, Grace Ramirez and Grace Lopez." Hand painted silk original is already sold. Its a tribute to the lovely and sassy women of Belize, you know who you are!
I thought I would take a few minutes to kill time. Killing time is the same as passing time, only its more productive. I'm in Guatemala City at a little boutique hotel, waiting for the shuttle to Antigua to arrive to carry me there. I was sponsored by the Guatemalan government to attend a Central American Artisan and Craftsman show. I attended last year on my own, staying with friends (who actually were the REAL sponsors), and fortunately got sponsorship this year from the Guatemalan Government. Its exciting to see the NGO projects come to fruition and bring their products to market, to help alleviate poverty.
On the downside, I have injured my knee again seriously. Its not broke, but it might as well be, I'm shuffling along the cobblestones on crutches. One step at a time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Try and Figure out What is WRONG with this photo

Hey! Cool... is that a wedding? Awesome! I think I will get MY camera out and stand RIGHT IN THE WAY so that when the photographer (the one that was HIRED to do the job) turns around to follow the bride's walk, I'll totally be PHOTOBOMBING her.


And let's say a prayer while we are at it "Thank you Baby Jesus that and she won't discover it until the photos are loaded and the wedding is LONG OVER." Cool! Cuz I totally think MY PHOTOS are important. And God only knows the photographer HAS ENOUGH COFFEE to stay awake until after midnight photoshopping MY UNIVITED ASS out of the photo.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Youngsters

I shouldn't call them The Youngsters. After all, they are older than I was, the first time I got married. Mid twenties, I would guess. Both college educated and working in professional jobs. By the time I had reached my mid 20s I had filed for divorce, tired of the abuse and neglect, seeing no future.
The broken down seawall at the Split on Caye Caulker
So fresh faced and hopeful. A small group of their friends and family came to Belize to celebrate the union of these two Young-Uns. Everybody enjoyed themselves and the couple made sure their guests had the time of their lives, the week was packed with group snorkeling and ruins tours. They booked out one of the boutique hotels on Caye Caulker to ensure privacy and service.
The wedding party poses for a picture at the Lazy Lizard
When I got married I didn't understand what "union" meant. I thought union meant, literally, the sex act. I had a hard lesson when I divorced, and realized that union actually means the union of assets.
Miss Loidy makes the wedding cakes here on Caye Caulker, and this is another of her delicious ones.
The Youngsters seemed really compatible. You get a feeling for it. You sense and hear it when one partner is insulting to the other, on the most auspicious of days.

Long shadows in the afternoon sun, a more formal pose by a coconut palm tree on Caye Caulker

A quiet moment walking towards where we will do the sunset shoot.
You will never see photos of the unhappy couples on this blog. To post those photos means that I relive the awkwardness over and over.
Crazy Crazy Bridesmaids

The crumbling seawall at the Split

"Dip her, don't drop her" I shouted

I remember a few years ago, an older groom, who wasn't ALL that attractive, complained to me that his pregnant (sweet and quietly BEAUTIFUL) bride was selfish and narcissistic, during the beach portion of the shoot before the ceremony. I thought to myself, "Guuurl, you still have time... to get away from this dirty little bastid, RUN GURL RUN! And I'll cover for you," as he dropped the money bomb here and there. He owns this, he owns that... I cringed and didn't say anything because its not my place, none of my business.  My place is to say, "Please turn like this, shift your weight to the other leg, now drop your chin and say "Belize".
Compare this to the next couple I photographed getting married, the groom was at least 20 years older also and the beautiful young bride with a baby bump was treated so lovingly and tender, so excruciatingly kind, it made my heart hurt in a different way. I tear up thinking about the love and respect they showed to each other.

But in the case of the youngsters, they looked happy, truly happy, and the families liked each other. You could see The Youngster's parents on both sides raised them with kindness and respect. A double plus there. Vee Vee important. I am not worried about these two kiddos, not worried at all. They will do just fine.


Under the full moon

Champaign Lace dress

A tropical wave coming...