Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photo Friday - Warm

I knew if I looked hard enough, I would catch someone being naughty. And I did. They were a huddle of little ole Muslem ladies over to the side passing a ciggy amongst them. It was WARM that day (more than 90) and the poor ole gals had to stay covered up in their hajib, head covering and long polyester long sleeved gowns. I personally was sweating like a pig in my tank top, cargo shorts and flip flops at the Arab festival in Dearborn. An interesting event to people watch. Every type, shape, size, and ethnicity from men and women in traditional garb, to more modern interpretations of the Koran to out and out carival ho's. (Ya know every carnival hasta have its ho's).

Is it is safe to say that "Only in America" can you see an old Muslem women smoking a ciggy in public?

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