Sunday, December 05, 2010


Sondra created quite the "scenery" as a little crowd drew on the street. She had arrived from Belize City on the Trickster barge, and was carried from the pier to the gallery on a trailer pulled by a golf cart. Important things were happening, such excitement. She was uncrated, de-doored and lifted up the stairs one grueling step at a time. 3 men including a tourist from Denmark, and an hour and a half later she was standing re-doored and all shiny. And I hugged her like she was a tree. I love you Sondra, I said to myself. Its o.k. to love an appliance.

I had remembered everything... that is, except to measure the width on the verandah door. Snap snap went the pinch bar and tap tap from a hammer popped off the moulding, and she slipped right thru. Lovely.

Shirlene poses next to Sondra. "She's pretty noh tru miss Lee, and so BIG."

Where is Old Delia? Old Delia has been relegated to a corner because of her bad ways. Old Delia doesn't like to work, is constantly hot, spoils things and has had many many many many repairmen inside of her. So, unplugged she stands in the corner waiting waiting waiting for the repairman to come to the caye. With Sondra so pretty and cold and big and new, things will never be the same for Old Delia.