Monday, January 02, 2006

Tropical Wedding Tip #1

Brides, unless you really love hurricane hair, you better tie it down.
I realized too late (about 3 hours later), that the bride's my-hair's-a-little-bit-messy look, when magnified in photoshop took on the realm of I'm-a-scarecrow-bride genre. It was like I was seeing it, but not really seeing it. The more I examined the photos, though, I was able to convince myself that it was a desired look, planned, carefully thought out and executed. Like how the last time I dyed my roots, the picture on the box showed a red-haired woman but the tube in the box was called obscuro, even as it was going on my hair, I kept saying to myself, geez, this is a dark red, wow, it looks more like BLACK, but the picture on the box shows...
Now people ask me if I'm Italian. I'm going to hate to see how this grows out.

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