Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Illustration Friday Dec 30 Flavor

Ring Ring the phone blings and its my friend Eden all in a panic.

She: a man is standing here on my verandah and said he hated everything in the art gallery but wants to buy my sign, what should I do?

Me: sell it to him and I'll paint you another sign.

She: what should I charge him?

Me: what's the highest number you can say without laughing?

She: I dunno.

Me: start at 400 bzd, because when I made that sign I think I ate about 200 in free lobster right there on your verandah.

She: o.k. den

The deal finished, everyone was happy, I painted another sign and took it out in bbq chicken dinners.


Sea Angel said...

lol, those are the kind of things that I want to label as "Only in the Caribbean". I don't see myself being proud about living anywhere else. =)

I love your art (checked the gallery at your site) very happy and colorful, definitively caribbean.

Queen Tut said...

Great illo, its very enticing. You should put it up in your coffe bar!

Caroline said...

What a great way to price art!

And what a lively sign.

Holly said...

Fabulous! Great sign with such vibrant colours.
Such a nice thing to look this grey day here. Cheers!

gudbrandsdottir said...

Great painting, and I love the colours!
Happy new year!

carla said...

Marvelous! I love the festive and happy colors:> That's one great story.

Guyana-Gyal said...


You are very savvy business woman. I want to be like that!

And happy new year.

Caribbean Colors said...

I love trades. I hardly ever accept cash from friends for goods and services. My favorite trade is with a local massage therapist. Chai and banana cake for massage.

Escott said...

Nice reading your blog. We lead a similar sort of life but I am in Sosua in the Dominican Republic.

I represent a artist that does sculptures in bronze and I am going to build a gallery here:)


Ale said...

oh that's awesome!! i wanna lobster!! and i want dat sign!!! and some bbq.... ok, mostly i just want to be back central americaaaaa waaaahhh

Ben O. said...

Too Cool!

I love it.

Ben O.

DCveR said...

Does that mean I can get one of your drawings if I send you a bottle of Porto Wine?

cream said...

Fish Stew! Bouillabaisse! The painting lookds so good, I am dying for some with croutons, cheese and rouille! Mmmmmmmmmm.....