Monday, January 02, 2006

Ruling #3 by the Fashion Police

Exhibit A
The local anthropologist here on Caye Caulker told me that wooly manmoths in speedos were extinct.
He was wrong.
See Exhibit A - caption: The wooly manmoth seeks partial shade whilst sucking down a triple dip ice cream cone.

This could also be a case of Opposite Anorexia - I've diagnosed myself with this before, I look in the mirror and think I'm thin. Maybe he has that.

Middle Child Syndrome wasn't satisfied with just laughing behind her hand and discretely pointing with her pinky finger, like me. She screamed "Mother Get Your Camera" at a decible a tad louder than the launching of the space shuttle, which was almost loud enough to snap me out of the trance.

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Lost said...

Dear gawd. Hairy men + Speedos = NO

hobbes said...

Ewww eww eww. Luckily the loveliness of your new site design offsets any potential trauma inflicted by the offending neandrethal. Didn't speedo banana hammocks go out like with the 70s?

Caribbean Colors said...

As told to me this evening: Wooly Manmoth came into the store this afternoon while Middle Child Syndrome was working. He was dressed exactly as you see him the picture. Baby girl came whizzing around the corner and stopped short and with the innocence of a child said "Eeeewwwww Mommy his pants is falling down" Loud enough that the wooly manmouth stood up and hiked up his banana hammock.

Guyana-Gyal said...

No no no

Middle Child Syndrome said...

only when yo are 3 can you be that honest.....