Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Secrets of the Jaguar Woman

I'm not into words today, just pictures and captions.

This is a new release. The original art is created on hand-painted silk. I started by tye dying silk and hanging it out to dry, then I stretched the silk on a stretcher frame using a staplegun and the drew the mask using something called gutta. This style of silk painting originated in France and is called Serti technique which roughly translates to building fences around the areas you are defining.

Influences: stragely enough, this giant moth on my front door. The mask is roughly based on a famous Benin mask from Africa. Look how furry the moth is.

Its amazing how 1 day can make a difference. Remember the photos of the water whipping up onto our beach? Well, hurricane Wilma moved off and took the storm surge with her (and dumping 5 feet of rain on Cancun), leaving us with low low tides, so low you can see the seagrass flats right in front of our place. Bigness told me that when he was a young man, lobster was so plentiful that his father would send him out to the sea, and he would just lift up the edge of the seagrass and pull out lobster that his mother would grill up for dinner. Amazing.


cream said...

The artwork is amazing! I love the leopard and the leaves...So colourful!
The moth is blooming marvelous.
The beach looks good now!
Lobster! So expensive here! We only serve it in the summer!

Ale said...

yum lobsters- are you a wine drinker?

Rainypete said...

We have something similar here in that when you feel like lobster, you just go pick one up at the grocery store. Not quite the same, but it'll do in a pinch.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Amazing artwork, indeed! I wish I can visit your art gallery.

The moth is beautiful.

If it's fuzzy, does it cause an itch? We have one that does.

Bigness's childhood sounds like the lives of many children here.

Go to the water, catch your fish, go home.

Caribbean Colors said...

The turtlegrass flats (you normally can't see them) in the picture are where he would catch the lobster.
GG-I'm not sure if this one causes an itch. I was at a butterfly farm and they said the catepillar from the blu morpho causes an irritation also. The moth was about 7 inches wide. I'm assuming its a moth, it might be a butterfly.

Caribbean Colors said...

Rainey, its the thrill of the hunt.
Cream - Red Lobster is now buying stone crab claws from our fisherfolk's co-op right here on CC. They catch the crab (its called Rati in creole) and snap off the claw, then throw the crab back into the sea where it grows another one.