Monday, October 17, 2005

Photo Friday submission - Conspicuous - Oct. 15

Three little boys shimmied up the tree and gorged themselves on guava on their way home from school. At one point the boy on the right actually stood up hands free and walked another foot farther out. Being a mother myself, I felt anxious and nervous. I kept waiting for the crack-splat noise, which never came. This was shot late in the afternoon in Placencia, Belize. Notice the little boy on the path next to the palapa.


bama16 said...

No Fear! I will never forget my first trip to Belize. I asked a young boy (@12)to show me how they get the coconuts out of the tree. He turned a spat out some Spanish at a child beside him. Before I know it, this child (all of 5 years old) comes running across the yard with a machete that is as long as he is tall. Both boys thought I was crazy, after I got through having a fit with them. "Runs with scissors" speech just does not cut it!

Guyana-Gyal said...

That was us kids, swiping fruits from the neigbour's trees was fun.

none said...

Lovely; brings back so many happy memories of a tree climbing childhood. Nowadays all my snacks come from a plastic bag that's been sitting around for weeks.