Wednesday, October 19, 2005

20 Random Things About Me

I'm going to ignore the storm, and it WILL go away. Its getting really dark out.
I was just tagged by Vitrolica so here goes:
1. I want to learn how to play the steel drums
2. My favorite color is turquoise
3. I don't like swimming in the ocean as much as I like looking at it.
4. I don't care if I ever drive a car again.
5. I have a fear of poverty.
6. I like to cook, but not to clean up. I am a terminal slob.
7. I have so many art supplies I could open up my own store.
8. I'm a morning person.
9. I don't like to work.
10. I'm addicted to reading, I usually have to read myself to sleep.
11. I hate margarine and refuse to eat it.
12. I also hate chemical sweetners and only use sugar... maybe that's why I'm fat. No, its the fat jeans, I mean gene. I have the opposite of anorexia, I look at myself and I think I'm thin.
13. I'll give money to children that are begging on the street, but not to adults.
14. I hate to shop, but love fabric stores, and of course art supply stores.
15 I pretend (to anyone I'm in a relationship with) I have to spend so much time on the internet, to market my business, but I'm really farting around most of the time, or in chat rooms.
16. When I stop liking someone, I never like them again. (I bear grudges)
17. Like Vit, I hate having long hair and I only have it because Bigness wants it.
18. Favorite fruit: strawberries - which we can't get here. 2nd favorites: mango, watermelon, grapes
19. I could live without meat, but its not possible here, there's not enough variety of fresh foods. I make oldest daughter take me to Outback Steakhouse whenever I visit. (Hypocrite)
20. I would never go back to the U.S. if my family would come and see me. I would shop on the internet and they could bring it in their suitcase. I would even pay for the plane tickets (hint hint)


cream said...

Margarine! I am so happy someone agrees with me! It's soap, really! What's wrong with real butter?

Sugar in espresso, honey in tea...any day!

I like the bit about "farting about..." Same here: I surf more than I work...but the staff know that: "He's pretending to work..."

Free plane tickets, eh?

Caye Caulker is the ideal place for you! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee - I love reading your blog for a few reasons. One: I love Caye Caulker. Two: Your descriptions of daily life just crack me up.

I'm going to be in Caye Caulker in March, and will definitely stop by to say hello!


Guyana-Gyal said...

Steel pans, turqoise, sugar, morning person, fabric stores, love to read, and this too 'When I stop liking someone, I never like them again'...sound like me.

I love reading tags :-D

Caribbean Colors said...

Cream-why do people bother with margarine? Its such as waste of taste.
Melissa - glad you found my blog and I'll see you in March. Maybe we've already met in real life, who knows?
GG- is the steel drum big in Guyana? I also want to learn the marimba. I played the piano for years as a youth. My mom forced me to take lesson for 6 years (and I was an ungrateful brat) Then I didn't play for about 15 years, but still had my old books. bought a piano and retaught myself to play. I havent played since being in Belize (no piano here) But I can still read music. My 3rd career could be as a band member. The first career was in publishing, the second as a beach bum.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you in March. I think I may have met you last time I was there...I was staying at Auxillou Suites - December '04. Is your gallery just behind Auxillou, near the cyber cafe? If so, I loved the place!

I hope Wilma left you all in one piece.


Caribbean Colors said...

Hey Melissa - we probably did meet. March is a great time to come. Wendy Auxillou owner of the place you stayed in last time was Bignesses' neice. She calls me Tia, which is funny because we are almost the same age.