Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blatent Advertisement for Apartment Rental

Cute, newly renovated, island style shabby chic (that's a code word for - nothing matches), AIR CONDITIONED, 1 bedroom, upper apartment located on Avenida Hicaco (Front Street) Caye Caulker, Belize
Hot & cold water, micro-mini-wave, coffee maker, cd player, cable TV, fully furnished, able to sleep 3 comfortably (day bed in livingroom), large rooms, private bath, full kitchen, with stove and small refridge. Rent it short or long term. Daily $50 U.S. plus hotel tax, 3 day minimum, or monthly $750 U.S. plus $500 security deposit (no hotel tax on monthly rental). Price includes water, electricity, and gas for cooking. Visa & Mastercard accepted with 5% service fee.
Any takers?

Don't you dig the posh plastic dining room chairs? Do you like how high all the pictures are hung? That's because a GIANT hung them at eye level. After that little job, I fired Bigness as the interior decorator.

Bigness LOVES formica. No Belizean natural hardwoods for us, no siree!

Ah, yes, the Kinky Sex Den of Iniquity, eerrrr I mean the Love Chamber complete with air conditioning, just in case you get too HHHOOOOTTTTT. Just remember the landlady lives next door... remember the movie Psycho????????????????? (evil cackle) Geeezzzz I must have inhaled too much bleach fumes today.


Ale said...

its cuuuute! will do very well for angry new yorkers needing a vacation in paradise! :)

you should have a calendar showing which dates are booked and which are available-

ghostdavey said...

Does it come with a job, boyfriend, and sense of purpose? Would that be extra?

Guyana-Gyal said...

It looks cool, relaxing and great for a Caribbean stay.

I agree with Ale about the calendar and dates booked.

Put flyers in your gallery too.

Lost said...

It's lovely. When I win the lottery, I'm soooo there.

Caribbean Colors said...

Of course it does Davey, but that costs $250 more.
Ale, Lost and GG - the dates are ALL open, but the calendar idea sounds like a winner.