Friday, September 08, 2006

Photo Friday - September 8 - Boy

Adam, son of MalibuMalMal (my youngest daughter). I shot this photo last year in June. Adam is the first boy grandchild in my family, so that makes him the Prince. He has the very chilled out personality of his father.

Me: hey Adam
Adam: mew
Me: its me, Grandmafromthejungle
Adam: mew mew
Me: awe coochi coochi coo
Adam: fffffffffffffppppppppbbbbbbbbbb mew mew mew
Me: What ya doin there?
Adam: grunt (you figure it out Grandma)
Me: Um... Mal? Mal?.... Mal?


Ale said...

awww princey did some kakikaka in the pantsey?? awwwww

Mary Beth said...

Cute baby pictures are always a crowd pleaser!! Thanks for that. MB

Guyana-Gyal said...

He is adorable. You should see me here going all kitchy-cooey and gooey gooey.