Thursday, September 07, 2006

Construction Zone

This morning, since we didn’t have any guests staying at Alamina Beach House, Bigness decided that 6 a.m. was quite late enough for me to sleep in and got busy with the sledge hammer and pinch bar, not on me, but on the verandah-soon-to-be office. The lumber had been delivered last night from Manuel’s barge, and that was the signal to start ripping the lattice down. Wow, the verandah feels so naked. But, I’m getting a proper office with windows that open and close. MY space, a place where I can close the door and no one is supposed to come marching in . . . not supposed to come marching in. . . Did I mention the door that closes?

UN Baby: Grandma the jumbies farted and woke me up.

Me: oh really?

UnBaby: Did you know grandpa is breaking the house down? He say we gonna sleep on de beach (giggle)

Me: maybe you will, I’ll just stay in my bed. Who told you about the jumbies?

UNBaby: Granpa say de jumbie gonna bite me if I don’t go sleep.

Tonight while UnBaby was bathing in the washing machine (yes, she still won’t take a shower – and no bathtubs here on Caye Caulker) Bath time comes after dinner and before TV watching with me and gpa in the big big bed.

UnBaby: I think we should AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL sleep in Gpa’s big bed. Me and mommy and you and grandpa, we don’t need AAAAALLLLLLLLL of these beds in AAAAALLLLLLLLL of these rooms, just one big bed in one room.

Me: oh really

UNBaby: yuuuueeeeesssss

Me: well that isn't gonna happen, but remember, don’t get out until all all the bubbles are gone.

UNBaby: (big sigh) one beeeeeg bed… grandma, de bubbles are almosss gaaan. Mash de button for de light.

I turn off the verandah light so she can climb out of the washing machine in semi privacy on the naked verandah and wrap up in a towel.

Me: finish bathe and get your jammies on.

UNBaby has started 4 year old preschool at Miss Sue's Preschool here on Caye Caulker with all her other 4 year old buddies. She's the tallest in her class - which she comes by naturally, Supergirl and I were always the tallest in our classes, albeit 20 something years apart. UNBaby also has the biggest feet. I have to admit, I don't know where those feet came from. If I didn't know better, I would swear she's an Alamina, but she's not.


zoe said...

well, there are more uses than one for a washing machine, obviously ... hehe, i'd love to throw all 3 of my kids into my washing machine and turn it onto the wool wash.

somehow, i don't think they'd like that.

Ale said...

she is a cutie!

Rainypete said...

So how does she do with the spin cycle? Personally I think the cooler was safer, but boy how they grow eh?

Mary Beth said...

Who knew that CC had a pre-school? I think UNBaby will thrive in school,and then she can come home and wreck havoc on the family with all her new-found knowledge. Watch-out!! MB

Caribbean Colors said...

One time I was joking with her and asked if I should turn the agitate on, and with the voice of a college professor she informed me, "No grandma, that would break my leg."

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, I like that one, the jumbies gon bite she if she don't go to sleep. G'pa is wicked :-D