Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Go Home Mother

Supergirl is SO EXCITED that Bigness and I are spending another 3 weeks here on Caye Caulker, until the Art & Tastefest is finished. I hope she doesn't try to poison me in my sleep.


Supergirl: If you put on another Sergio Mendez CD, I’ll kill the cruise director.

Me: Don’t forget to wash your hands first.


Tourist: Are you two sisters?

Me: (batting eyelashes and do the hair flip) Why, yessssss, of course.

Supergirl: (growl) You're getting decaf.



UN Baby standing at the top of the stairs to the beach using the red bike tire pump as a microphone stand singing to the Dixie Chicks with her fake hillbilly accent. She must be in a house cleaning mood because that’s the CD that Supergirl and I play when we’re getting Alamina Beach House ready for guests.


Freaky White Granny is BACK! Thank goodness she's torturing someone else this year. Hold onto your string bikini tops and mini skirts. Meanwhile at a local watering hole, Bartender Extraordinaire: (leans over and asks) Does Granny like a spanky?

Really Important Message:
To the momma cat that climbed in Supergirl’s bedroom window and had kittens behind her bed, and then ran away, your children are waiting for you in a box on the verandah.


Ria said...

Hasn't Supergirl heard Sergiio Mendes' album, "Brasileiro"? I defy her to remain unmoved while listening to the first track (100 of the best Rio drummers beating the ... well, you have to hear it).

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh boy, life in the fast lane :-D

Mary Beth said...

Please make her stop!! I'm laughing so hard I may pee my pants...and please don't forget to wash your hands!!

Rainypete said...

Holy crow! All the cats in my nieghborhood do is leave little turds in my gardens. I can't decide if that's better or not!

Caribbean Colors said...

We THINK the momma kitty cmae and got her kittens, because they were GONE this morning. We're HOPING she got them.

Caribbean Colors said...

ria: Every time I hear that track I think of latin marching bands. Somehow she's not impressed. You can tell business is slowing down for hurricane season because we have time to get on each other's nerves.