Friday, September 15, 2006

Photo Friday - September 15 - Bright


Guyana-Gyal said...

Coconut trees are magical, nobody knows this though, they take it for granted.

I had the loveliest coconut water yesterday, ice cold.

Alyson said...

How odd- I was on photo friday and came across your site. I visited Caye Caulker about 15 years ago and had the most magical week. Is Pinks still there?

Caribbean Colors said...

GG-I love coconut water too, and its good for you, it balances your electrolites. There is a Garifuna song here that goes like this, give me some maga-rugu-wata, sweet wata, I want wata. (they are alluding to a womanly love in the song)
Alyson: Oh, that is too funny. Pinks isn't here anymore but I'M married to Norman Alamina now. The restaurant area is leased out to someone else, we live over the gallery and the store is on the side of the building next to the police station, probably it was just open ground on that side when you were here.
Its a small small world