Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're Ready

Bigness has been working on the big renovation since September, off and on, and since January in serious earnest getting it ready to rent. I didn't take any before photos, because I am unable to record such nastyness. Like Miss Lois, Bigness is a hands-off-landlord. He expects 3 things from his tennants, pay your rent on time, keep the place clean and in good working condition and don't freakin complain all the time. (the last one is something I try to work on a daily basis) The tennant prior had lived there or 3 years and I have never seen such nastyness except in the ghettos of downtown Detroit. Holes knocked in walls, garbage stewn everywhere. So all that aside, he has been a miracle worker making a silk purse from a sow's ear and transforming it into the largest beachfront luxury rental on Caye Caulker. Wow what a lot of work. I picked the colors, made the bedspreads and curtains and decorated, that was the easy part. At a certain point the project looked so big I thought it would never be finished, but he kept working and working and working.
So without further ado... ta daaaaaaa!
Click here for the Alamina Beach House website.
I wish I lived there.
Maybe someday I will.
He promised me that our side of the house would be a nice as this, but didn't say if would be this century or next.

My mom emailed and wants to come for a visit. She's bringing Aunt Doris, which is good. Aunt Doris isn't my real aunt, but has been around our family since before I was born. Aunt Doris keeps my mom in check and is the kind of lady that, even if your baby is "illigitimate," she'll still crochet you a baby blanket.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Stop stop, you're making me want to go and live there. I love the colours of the beach house, the bright furniture.

Your mum might want to move there permanently :-)

Caribbean Colors said...

I was just thinking that if she stays in the beach house apartment (and she gets herself a rasta boyfriend) that Aunt Doris might have to medicate her to get her back on the plane to go home.

Hayden said...

ahhhhh, what wonderful colors....... looks absolutely wonderful.

Caribbean Colors said...

Thanks Hayden. Have a great Easter break. We're leaving MCS in charge this weekend, the store is closed and we're getting out of town. Caye Caulker is the Daytona Beach of Belize when it comes to Easter weekend.

DCveR said...

Maybe when we're no longer broke we gather a couple of friends and stay there for a couple of weeks...

cream said...

You and Bigness have done a fantastic job!
The beach house is really beautiful! Great, fresh colours!
Well done!
PS: Bigness is right to make those rules!

Rainypete said...

Absolutely captivating colors! Now I've got to try and figure out how to get myself down there for a visit. Beautiful work and hopefully you don't get anymore tenants who trash the plasce.

Ale said...

excellent! finally ready for my arrival! yeppiii! are you guys going to add a calendar on the website so that everyone can see when its already booked? i bet this baby will be booking like a hotcake

Caribbean Colors said...

Its perfect for 2 couples and 2 kids. The only drawback is that there is only 1 bathroom.
I'm just getting the word out there, so right now the booking is wide open.
Ale - where can I get a calendar for the site?