Sunday, April 02, 2006

Interview with United Nations Baby

Me: smile for Gma, let me take your picture.
She: (sh*t eating grin)

Me: give me a real smile
She: it IS real

Me: what's your favorite toy?
She: sticky tape
Me: note to self - stop buying dolls and plastic crap and just give her a big roll of duct tape, oh, wait a minute, I might wake up one morning and she's ductaped her mother to the bed, like how she locked her mother in the bedroom... but that's another story - and WE'RE NOT LAUGHING ABOUT THAT ONE! Maybe I'll just get her a new roll of scotch tape. Less possible damage.

Me: what's your favorite thing to do?
She: fwim at baby beach (near the split) and watch cartoons with Gpa. (Bigness will do anything to get away with watching cartoons - sound like anyone else you know?)
Me: what's your favorite food?
She: eggs and beans and monkey meat and katsup.
Me: monkey meat?

Me: who do you like better, Gma or Gpa?
She: Gpa
Me: why?
She: he gives me ice cream every time I ask him

On Grandparenting:

Me: time to bathe and bed
Me: Babysitter has to go home
Bigness: Gial - STOP THAT - shut your beak
She: . . .
Me: how did you do that?
Bigness: I put on my big ugly face
Me: Oh, I've seen that face once or twice


Anonymous said...

She looks SO HAPPY!! :-). That's the most I've ever seen her smile in pictures!


Caribbean Colors said...

Oh to be 3 years old again.... before the cares of the world set in, swimming every day, riding bikes, eating ice cream, going for walks down the beach, playing at the playground.

Guyana-Gyal said...

More loud vulgar laughter from me, gee, I've been laughing a lot thanks to you, Bigness and UN Baby.

That chile is adorable and why can't we laugh at her locking her mother in? tee hee hee

Caribbean Colors said...

Gma to the resuce again. UNBaby locked the babysitter in the bedroom yesterday (whilwe mommy was working)and got into REAL trouble for that one from Gma. When I lived in San Pedro (on the next bigger island) MCS and I used to laugh at the little boy upstairs who would lock his babysitter onto the verandah above us. We would hear her plead, then threaten, and after a while we would resuce her, but not until the entertainment was over.

amirra said...

hey its halimas sister thats funny i love ur blog i miss halima lots