Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Postcards from Paradise

Each year for Christmas I like to send out an "Eat Your Heart out" photo to my parents. Healthy, tanned, smiling. Middle Child Syndrome took my photo this year and amazingly came up with about 8 really nice shots, of which I won't share with you... because I think you'll enjoy the out-takes better. I swear I wasn't trying to act like a 3 year old with ADD.

Just Remember Fugly is the New Pretty.

This one is titled "Thuthe thellth thee thells by the thee thore. Say that three times fast"

This one is titled "Bra Strap? What Bra Strap?"
This photo is titled "Rats in Your Pizza Stink"

This one is titled "Can You make My Nose Look Bigger?" or "Shouldn't You See a Dermatologist About Those Giant Pores?"

This one is titled "Lalalalala I Just Won The Lotto"
This one is titled "Kiss Kiss in LaLa Land" What exactly was I doing here? I think Milld Child Syndrome told me to flip my hair like a supermodel.
This one is titled "Stop Making My Arms Look So Fat - Remember My Instructions - Thinner and Younger Only"
This one is titled "I Hate You, You Ruined My Life, I'm Going To Get You Back For That" O.K. since you've been patient I'll show you the Christmas 2005 Eat Your Heart Out Photo. Its a little bit crazy, little bit happy.


hobbes said...

Pass me the salt - I'm eatin!

cream said...

Well done, Lee! You look very happy and I wish you a great New Year! Keep it up!

Caribbean Colors said...

I like the photo too, except for the weird booby thing going on.
Happy New Year to everyone!

Guyana-Gyal said...


Do you know, I see you in your li'l granddaugther, the chin, and I think eyes.