Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy and Merry

I heisted this off of Natalie Dee's website.

What will I remember the most about today? No, it won't be the list of food my mother ate today, that she will inevitably email me later on, that will go something like this: This morning your Dad and I had decaf and cinnamon buns that I got at the thrift store 3 packages for $1, then we went over to your Aunt Margies for lunch after church and your cousin Yvonne brought her usual cheesy potatoes, I brought my bread pudding. No, your brother M didn't make it again this year. Your Aunts Tina and Dickie asked about your missionary work (she keeps forgetting its missionary position, not missionary work). Cousin Doug didn't bother to make anything, he brought store bought rolls. Your Aunt Tina is dating again. Your youngest daughter forgot to bring her fruits for her part of the fruit salad, luckily I had some frozen berries in the trunk of the car just in case. Your Dad had to take an extra sugarpill (insulin) and I thought he was going to go into a coma... Tonight I'm making meatless chili and serving it with fat free cheese, and all the grandkids are coming over to play board games. I made a diet apple cobbler with fat free margarine for desert. I tried a new cheese-less macaroni and cheese recipe, but no one liked it.
O.K. enough making fun of my mother on Christmas.
What I will remember this Christmas day is the biggest set of big-toenails that I've ever seen on a normal size foot. I first met The Toe on the water taxi between Belize City and Caye Caulker. It was sitting right next to me and French. My big toe nail is about the size of a nickel, at most, maybe between a penny and a nickel. This guy had a normal size 9 man's foot but his big toenails and accompanying big toes were the size of a silver dollar. I had a hard time not staring. I almost pulled my little ruler out of my bag to measure them. And, did I mention the Frenchness? I wonder if that's a symbol of sexyness in France? It reminded me of the movie with Uma Thurman where she played the girl with the giant thumbs. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues(?)

This is also the first year since moving to Belize that I'm baking a turkey. Even though Middle Child and I are working today, it still feels like Christmas. Whoever said you have to spend a ton of money on Christmas? Baby girl loved her plastic tea set from China, plastic jelly sandles, plastic ring floaty and plastic backpack all bought at the China store down the street.

So, everybody, tell me what you remember the most about today. Have you ever seen something really really weird on someone and thought... "I wonder if they know how weird that looks?"
Don't get discouraged if I don't holla right back, its high season right now and I'm working day and night.


Caroline said...

Good question - the most memorable thing was going out for a walk and discovering a holly bush big enough to go inside!

Caroline said...

Whoops forgot to say - hope you had a good time!

cream said...

Looks like a busy Christmas was had by all!
Shame you were working on the day!

admsgrl said...

What I will remember most about Christmas day is how my brother-in-law apologized for almost getting into a fist fight with my boyfriend Griff and making me cry on Christmas Eve. It wasn't Griff's fault at all and I knew that John was really embarrased and I knew that it would be OK in the end, but it did put a damper on the Christmas Eve supper....very New Jersey...baked ziti with sausages and peppers and onions, which I made. And the strangest that alcohol did not play a part in the drama. This happened stone cold sober!

Caribbean Colors said...

Oh, baked ziti... Nooo Joizey. I hate holidays, its all the hype and hysteria and expectations.

In the good ole, bad ole days way back when, I would make Christmas Eve dinner and invite my parents over and my in-laws (now ex-in-laws)It was an excuse to clean the house. I would make the fanciest most calorie rich meal I could conceive of. Cream of portobello mushroom soup with Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry and cheese tortolini, caesar salad, rosemary standing rib roast, twice baked potatoes, butter buns, layered jello salad with whipped cream, and one year I made pears poached in mulled red wine and topped with a khalua chocolate sauce. I feel fatter just typing this. Anyways, back to the story... speaking of in-laws, my ex-mother-in-law would use this opportunity to say really rude and weird things at the dinner table and afterwards in the livingroom when the young step-grandaughters would put on a little floor show, which, in looking back SHOULD have led to a fistfight, but I would never take the first swing.
Now I would.

Caribbean Colors said...

I liked to put some sort of alcohol each of the foods since my parents are completely Baptist tee-totalers. I like to send their Christmas gifts from Belize mailed in rum boxes too.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I went for a long walk early Christmas morning. Phewwww.

Hope you're still enjoying.

Caribbean Colors said...

Man-o-Man I'm tired. Its nice to have those high selling days though.