Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hallooooo, You Reach Da Caye Caulker Compleeyn Depaaatmen

I'm thinking about putting a comments box and questionaire outside my door so I can stop answering the phone. I'll paint a sign that says "Comments? Suggestions? Complaints?" with a big arrow pointing to the box.

The police choose from time-to-time to not answer their phone.
I can hear it ringandringandringandring until the phone company shuts the ring off after about 20 rings.
How can nobody be home at the police department?

Then my phone starts to ring.

Frantic Caller: Miss Miss I'm sorry to bother you but can you look out your window and see if the police is home.
Me: uhhh, one sec K? (I wrap a towel around my drippingness)
Me: I can't tell, the lights are on, but I can't see if anyone is there. Maybe they are out on a call. (I'm squinting because I don't have my glasses on)
Frantic Caller: well blah blah blah and the police doesnt do nuttin about it blah blah blah and he be harrass me and I jus wan he outta my house blah blah blah. What's da numba ova der anyways, mebbe I dialed wrong.
I think to myself - uh... no they just aint answering.
I look in the phone book under Caye Caulker and Police and it says refer to page 109 - I go to page 109 and Caye Caulker ISNT EVEN LISTED. But they have 20 numbers for Orange Walk, 30 numbers for Belze City, 10 numbers for San Ignacio, 15 numbers for Belmopan. Why can't they just print the number?
Me: Have you tried dialing 90, its the emergency number for the phone company and they will put you in touch with whoever you need.... or you could walk the block down here, or you could call Belze City.
Frantic Caller: and I said blah blah blah and he said blah blah blah and I said blah blah blah....
I'm recalling my "Reach for the Top Training by Roger Mellot" for stress management and dealing with people who are over the edge - from 1989. It was a cassette series that I listened to, while working as a supervisor of a graphics/marketing department at a major university full time, having 3 small children at home, single mom, no help fropm the ex, and trying to cope with a boss that would call me at home on Sunday screaming at me.
Do not give back emotion.
Be a brick wall and it will bounce off.
Apologize without owning the problem.

Me: I'm sorry you have to go through this, uh huh, yep, I'm sorry that this is happening to you. Try the 90 number, if the operator can't get through, then they will forward your call to whoever can help you.
Frantic Caller: O.K. den.
Bigness: who dat?
Me: nobody, you don't even want to know.

I would have Bigness answer the phone, but he doesn't know how to lie (except to me) and say... "I'm sorry but she's unavailable at the moment, may I take a message?" He just hands the phone to me anyway.


cream said...

Lee, you should join the Samaritans, you know!

Caribbean Colors said...

The Naughty Samaritans.

Caribbean Colors said...

I added the part about the casette tape series because I know oldest daughter reads this and I want to remind her (like the good Dutch/American Indian mother that I am) of how much I sacrificed, how hard I worked and how she will be responsible for picking out a really nice and expensive nursing home for me where they change your diapers every day. Right honey?

admsgrl said...

Lee, it's just this kind of posting that got you nominated for that award, that I hope you win. You simply can't make this stuff up. You are the female Jerry Seinfeld of Caye Caulker. Bigness is Kramer, who is George?

Guyana-Gyal said...

You really do have a good heart, some folks would just hang up.

DCveR said...

Is this recurring? Gosh! I wouldn't put up with it. I would tell them they have the wrong number and leave it at that, I wouldn't even hang up the phone...

Marilyn said...

I can totally believe the Police won't answer their phone. When we lived in the Caribbean, my workplace was broken into and several items were stolen. We later discovered the thief had also taken a cell phone. The police came, dusted for fingerprints, but we expected no action on their part. A couple of weeks later, we got the cell bill...which listed all of the number the thief had been calling. Tried to call the Police Dept. several times to give the info to the investigative officer...but you guessed it, we could never get anyone to answer the phone! :)