Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Bump in the Road

I'm glad I was oblivious of what was going on. I was just ridin de bus and trying to make sure I was there when the plane came into Cancun.
Little did I know what was going down...
Email from Middle Child Syndrome:
Well my trip is off to a great start. I packed up the car and ran into the apartment for one last thing (Halima and my purse) and walked back out to find NO CAR in the parking lot. The shock has not sunk in yet. So I'll call my grandma and proceed to the airport. Lets just hope for a safe flight. So I begin my trip with the clothes on my back and a plane ticket and maybe this is a a chance to start fresh. Things can only get better from here i guess

So here is a holiday toast to new beginings and fresh start
The cavalry was on its way, and someone stole the horse.
Middle Child Syndrome is being forced to dress like me, all boho chic, until she can get some new clothes. Vogue magazine has nothing on US! I've been wearing my clothes inside out with torn hems - FOR YEARS - and I just now find out what a trendsetter I am. She's learning to like tyedye - no really, she said that it doesn't make her want to throw up anymore. Its that or go nekked.

Having no luggage made it easier going when taking the transport from Mexico to Belize.
The bus shuttle from the airport to Playa Del Carmen - 1 hour
The taxi from the old bus station to the new bus station about a mile away.
The bus ride from Playa Del Carmen to Chetumal - 5 hours
The taxi ride from the bus station to the mall where we shopped for new clothes
The taxi ride to the hotel in Chetumal
The walk to the next hotel becasue the first one was full
The next taxi ride to the next hotel because the first two were full
The walk across the park to the next hotel because the 3rd hotel was full
The walk down the street to the 5th hotel and aaaahhhhh, by that time I didn't care if I was sleeping in a whorehouse or not. Hot water and clean sheets.
Taxi ride to the bus station
3-1/2 hour bus ride from Chetumal to Belzie City
1 hour water taxi ride from Belize City to Caye Caulker
Are we there yet?
No, baby girl, leave your shoes on because we're not at the beach yet.
Gramma when are we going to be there?
I have to go potty.

Interesting though, its good to see someone doing their job. We were under deep scrutiny by Mexican immigration when leaving Mexico and entering Belize at the border between Chetumal Mexico and Corozal Belize. The immigration officer actually questioned Baby Girl (3 years old) about "who her momma was". At the time you're going through interrogations, you feel a bit put upon. But after the fact, I realize that they are looking for missing and exploited American children, and human trafficing. Kudos to the Mexican Imigration man doing his job.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

That's dreadful, the bit about the stolen car!

What a hectic time was had by all.

You wear it well, Caribbean, torn hem and all.