Saturday, September 17, 2005

Gone Fishing

For real.
I'm leaving the building now.
Yes, I really am.
Have you ever wanted to just get in the car and drive? If I get to a place with internet I'll update you on my exploits and adventures. If not, then I'll see ya when I see ya. (probably around Oct. 1)


Michael Manning said...

To answer your Question: All the time! Good for you. It's great to just get a change of scenery sometimes!

piu piu said...

hope u have more fun than i did when i went fishing!

ghostdavey said...

Yaay for you. Remember,though, fishes also have families...that taste just as great in lemon juice!

Guyana-Gyal said...

The last time I went fishing I left it on the boat.

I was most upset.

It was a big fish.

BIG BIG BIG. Biiiiiiiiiiig.

[All fishermen exaggerate, but I'm telling the truth. Biiiiiiiiiiiiig].

Rainypete said...

Enjoy the fishing. As for the wanderlust, absolutely. I gt itchy feet all the time, but can't wander too far until the kids get older.

Michael Manning said...

Just checking in but I see no one is home yet. How cool to take a break! Enjoy it!!

none said...

Lee, come back to the internets. Your anonymous international fans need you.