Saturday, July 27, 2013


Yes Gyal, I mi di tell he...
I juss get for he text..
Gyal, whe yu di do?
Nutting gyal mi no noh bowt nutting.
For tru?
Yes Gyal
Mmm hhhhmph!
Well I hear dat how unu and for he gyal done di gaan aaaan!
Neva! I neva say no-ting, nuttin Gyal.
(hand painted silk  31" x 39")


Ale said...

love this one!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Do they use that word "kyas-kyas" for 'story' and 'gossip' and 'quarrelling'?

Well, this is pure kyas-kyas!

Caribbean Colors said...

No, I have never heard kyas-kyas. But a gossip is called a Chisma (Cheeze-ma) or Chismera, from the Spanish. I di hear dis conver- sashun ova an ova every Sunday maanin. Di ting iz, ever Sat-ta-dee nite everbody out inna de street mixin an drinkin. Bout mon and sweet haat and wife catch he with for he sweet haat an buss up for he rass with waan stick. I miss out on all of the fun because I di right der, sleep inna my bed every night. I have to hear bout it the next maanin.