Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weather Report

Its cold
Its supposed to get down to 61 degrees F tonight after midnight and a high tomorrow of 72 degrees F.
Thanks a lot you frozen northerners.
Uh huh.

Bigness is excited. He calls it free air conditioning. (He said we'll HAVE to snuggle tonight)

I'm wearing my hoodie sweatshirt to bed, and the only pair of socks I own (pink sweat sock)
Oh, way sexy, I know!

I'm not complaining though, these "cold" days make us sell about 4x the amount of coffee we usually do.

I remember as a kid going to Florida with my parents for Christmas and swimming in the oceanwhen it was only 65 degrees F outside and seeing the local Floridians walking around in their winter coats and hats, thinking, how strange that they would feel cold when it feels so warm to me. Now I'm one of the cold people.

How cold is it where you are?


Caribbean Colors said...

We sold 10 gallons of coffee today!

La Gringa said...

Wow! I drank 10 gallons of coffee today!

It's been in the 60's most of the day here in La Ceiba and my nose is cold. Brrr. I wrote about it, too.

emy/m.e. said...

'bout the same here in the rio dulce. like it when the sun comes out, and YES, more coffee, with a touch of that good Tropical brandy!

Caribbean Colors said...

Its unseasonably cool, although I'm not complaining, it could be cold AND rainey here. The sun is out bight and shiney no clouds on the horizon.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I love it when they freeze up north, yeee hawww. We even had mist yesterday morning. And this morning was soooo cool. Today, lovely weather all day.

Hayden said...

the temp has plunged and I'm freezing... it's down around 50 at night, warming to 64-65 during the day. And it's dark. I hate it. Your cold weather sounds much nicer than mine.

Caribbean Colors said...

We're back to nice clear sunny weather!