Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mars & Venus

A motorized garage sale came to town on this quiet day in November. Click on any image to enlarge, the viewing is much funnier full size..

The Thanksgiving tourist rush is over and we’re getting ready for the Christmas season which starts in mid December. Business has slowed down, we’re taking a little breather, but, times like these make me wish I had my camera strapped to my back at all times. If at first you can't catch the act in progress, you can at least document the aftermath.

You have to remember something about me. I do not go out seeking entertainment, it comes to me, right at my own front door. As usual, Supergirl and I were just minding our own business admiring the super fantabulous electricity hook up we have on this building...

. . . when a golf cart rounded the
corner on two wheels WWWWHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The wife/passenger wasn’t so excited about this fete of kinetic energy and demanded that her slightly sloshed husband, put down one of his beers, slow down, or let her off. He, however forgot to clean the wax from his ears that morning and thought she was really asking him to go faster.

So, she thought she would fix him.

She: STOP! or I’m going to throw these here clothes off the cart.

He: (balurp!)

She: See here? (fling) there goes your speedo (just like a slingshot)

He: … WTF


He: … vroom vroom (how fast can I make this little buggy go, gee this is fun watching her get mad in front the whole world)

She: You’re going to be naked tomorrow

He: … (I wonder if I can jump off real fast and catch another beer) (This is more fun that getting drunk and dancing with a stranger)


danis said...

Hi. My name is Danis and I live with my boyfriend Drew in Dangriga. We are volunteers with an NGO called Peacework and we are currently setting up a big project for the University of Arkansas and Stann Creek District. I actually visited your shop the last time I was on Caye Caulker - it's fantastic. Anyway, I came across your blog and thought it was great. If you don't mind, I liked your blog to ours - Happy blogging!

cream said...

Funny that you're getting ready for Christmas in the sunshine!
We're getting ready for it here too, but it is blooming cold.

Caribbean Colors said...

Hi Danis, yes, not problem linking to me.
Cream - Supergirl said the same thing, it doesn't seem like Christmas without the snow and drear. We however are going to have a real Christmas tree this year. It might only be 2 feet tall, and in a pot, but it will be real.

Rainypete said...

It's things like this that make me glad I carry my camera everywhere I go. Sure I get ridiculed, but I get pictures out of it so it's all good. As for your wiring there.....not a chance you'd get me to work on that nightmare!

Caribbean Colors said...

Supergirl is so much faster on the uptake than me. She is always the one who spots the wooly manmoths in their latex banana hammocks.

La Gringa said...

We have those crazy hookups in La Ceiba, too. Downtown is the worst with sometimes, I swear, 100 wires hooked to the same connection.

We are in a isolated area and have a new hookup, so hopefully we won't ever have to deal with this. It's a wonder the whole town doesn't burn down.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I love your stories!

Brenda said...

Our wiring looks the same as your photo. We live in Mexico.
Those people must be nuts! I hope all your tourists are not like that.
We had actually intended to come to Belize for 6 mths. last winter to the Corozol area, until the gov. changed the tourist visa costs. It seemed to us that they were trying to "hold up" the tourists, so we decided to go to Mexico and now we are living here.

Anonymous said...

amazing how this type of drama can take place on CC, when you least expect it! Enjoyed this post!