Tuesday, August 01, 2006

True Confessions

This post is inspired by Denny Shane’s post from June 30. After a year of mocking, making fun of and in general sneering at my friends who have all bought those plastic gay looking clogs in neon colors. . . I have to admit it, I did it, I bought a pair online and had my mom shove them in her suitcase to bring to me.

I also bought the butt ugliest pair of Earth sandals and as my punishment God has made me walk funny and given me a backache. This is what happens when you only get to shop once every 12 months, little mistakes seem to last A YEAR.

I wear my new powder blue crocs with white tube socks, in case you’re wondering. Its either the crocs or my old Teva's that smell like fungus.

I saw a boat captain wearing a neon green pair with jungle fatigue print shorts. Glamoflage!

Oh, also while I'm confessing things, I’m addicted to Laguna Beach, The Hills, Pimp My Ride and reruns of Sex in the City.


Ale said...

haaaaaaahhaha this was a "drunk" post wasnt it!!!?! it'll be gone tomorrow right? :)

yeah everyone is wearing the clogs, and i think the blue ones are ok- with socks.. perhaps chaneling eastern europe a bit... but hey-

Guyana-Gyal said...

And here I am, still wearing the thinnest, flattest sandals, trying to simulate being barefoot whenever I to into town.

Mary Beth said...

AhAh!! I thought it was preppy pink Crocs that I wore the last time in CC that made you green with envy!! I have seen them everywhere, on the Appalachian trail in Virginia, on a cruise ship to Alaksa and all over preppy-ville New Jersey my home town. Hope you wear them in good health and a happy back. MB