Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Photo Friday - August 4 - Private

Private thoughts from Malibu MalMal as she reflects on the meaning of life and that her mother is an aging beachhouse hippie (bippie), or rather daughter of hippie, which makes her granddaughter of hippie. Except her grandparents weren't hippies, they were squares who made a round peg, so what does that make her? A triangle? Private thoughts go round and round.

Malibu MalMal is my baby and 23. She still looks like 14 and ready for gym class. You might recognize her, she was the model for Dragonfruit Girl a photo illustration that I did last year.

A difficult preganacy (she liked to kick), I was sure she was a boy and back in those days it wasn't common to have an ultrasound. I'm still getting over the trauma of her older sister's birth (big square head). I've almost recovered from the post traumatic stress disorder :-> Her nickname was Mouse when she was a little girl, because she didn't like to talk. Then when she was 5 she changed her name to Vanessa for a couple of months and wore a brown wig. I let her do it. As a parent you have to pick your battles.

As a teenager she would defend me when we were on vacation. "Mom works hard and if she wants to drink too much and act like an idiot on vacation then you (Mal's sisters) should just stop criticizing her."

Thanks MalMal for always encouraging me to drink more than my limit (2 beers)

I'm just catching my breath from 2 visits, the first from MalMal in June for a week, then the super secret wedding, then my Mom visiting for 2 weeks in July.

Shot with my old Olympus Comedia, 2 top photos were made into a duotone with black and cyan, the bottom photo I messed around with the color settings and filters in Photoshop and can't quite remember how I did it.


Ale said...

ahh she looks like you! niiice pics

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, same thing I was thinking, she looks like you. They're all gone? UN Baby too?

Caribbean Colors said...

UN Baby is still here with MCS, Malibu MalMal is MCSs younger sister and starts law school next year.