Monday, August 14, 2006

Illustration Friday - August 11 - Play

A Garifuna drummer moves his hands so fast they are a blur. Click for more Illustration Friday entries. This photo illustration was created using various photoshop filters, mainly rough pastel, watercolor and drybrush. I shot this with my old Olymous Comedia at the Placencia Art Festival in February 2005, the drummer was playing in the band for Brukdown Woman Leila Vernon.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm. It still looks like a photo. Maybe change the pastel stroke to a larger one.

It is a beautiful photo though and I really like your blog.

zoe said...

god knows what i've been smoking, but i thought the man was holding a cake!

i do like the colours, though.

Ariana said...

I traveled with a friend to Caye Caulker a few years back...such fond memories. The best part of the trip was going manatee-watching with Chocolate! How is he doing? It seemed everyone knew him so I guess you might too.

Oh yeah, and hanging out at The Split was great...and these delicious baked coconut bread they sold around the island. Mmmmm!

I'll be adding your blog to my feeds. :-)

Caribbean Colors said...

Zoe, yes it could be a stack of pancakes.

Ariana: Chocolate is still alive and kicking, doing manatee tours. He got Swallow Caye, where the manatees breed, designated as a world heritage site and made into a marine reserve.