Monday, March 06, 2006

Second Reason Why You Should Sleep With Your Windows Shut at Night

Because when the police lady shoots a coiled island boa snake, 20 feet from your window, at 6:30 in the morning, closing the window will muffle the sound.


Me: what was that?
Bigness: what?
Me: what was that sound?
Bigness: what sound?

Blam... blam blam

Me: That sounds like gunshots (I go over to the window)
Bigness: gial get away from the window they are shooting people again!
Me: (incredulous) they arent shooting at me (I hope I'm right, I stand up on my tiptoes and look over the edge of the verandah)


(I move away from the edge and duck down a bit)
Bigness: Maybe its for Baron Bliss Day
Me: Did they do that last year? (I hope not because what goes up MUST come down)
Bigness: Me no noh Maybe they are cleaning their guns.
Me: by shosoting them?
Bigness: maybe something was stuck
Me: that's really dangerous
Bigness: for tru (he goes back to reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee)
But I'm not satisfied with those answers. I can't just go about my business as if...


I see the police woman and another male officer come strolling nonchallant around the corner of the building with a smoking gun (literally)
Big mystery now.

So Officer Annie Oakley came into the cafe for her coffee later that morning and I asked her what they were shooting at. (Now remember we are in the MIDDLE of a village) She said
it was an island boa constrictor. Legend has it that the snake was 9 feet long and had a bump in the middle the size of a small watermelon (probably a cat) and it was found coiled up in the middle of the street side police yard, just outside of our eye site range. Bigness has a theory that its the snake that the pastafarians had up in the ceiling of their kitchen.
The photo is not of the actual snake but one I found on the net.


BamaBlitz said...

Are these things poisonous or do they just eat small children?

Mary Beth said...

When was the FIRST time that the police were shooting people?? I'm glad that I know that the Police on CC shoot first and ask questions later, at least when it comes to snakes!

Ale said...

real question is what the heck were you guys doing still sleeping at 6.30 am!?!

DCveR said...

What is it with you women and running towards the windows when you hear shots?
A boa constrictor in the middle of the village, huh? Yikes!

Rev. Dennis J. Shane, D.D., ULC said...

ah.... life in Paradise! ;)

Caribbean Colors said...

They aren't poisonous.
Who said anything about sleeping at 6:30 a.m...
CC cops are notorious for discharging weapons out of sheer joy like they are in the wild west.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Gee, all that shooting for one snake that's not even poisonous. And Bigness is so cool, calm and collected. Life as usual, eh?

Caribbean Colors said...

That's what I thought too. A lot of fuss over a rat/cat eating snake. You go to Belize City and old rastas are wearing them around their neck to show off for the tourists.