Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dude, Yer Banana Hammock's Scarin Me

Caught on the Spycam (while minding my own business AGAIN) Sergio the feral wolly manmoth has a strange pointy thing situation going on the top of his head. The one on top of his shoulders. I thought we agreed NO BANANA HAMMOCKS on Front Street.

And now I can't get this song out of MY head. "Struttin his stuff on the street, yichy gitchy yi yi yi" (Lady Marmalae).

I swiped the illustration from my hero Natalie Dee.

I know you all have been missing me during this very busy time of the year, so I'll update you on the latest gawsup, but I have to do it quickly because United Nations Baby has to sit on her bed for a 1/2 hour this morning while G'ma (me) babysits because she heisted her 2nd floor window open (a window that I can hardly open) She stood in it and then threw her baribe doll and hit a tourist in the head with it. Sorry man. I'm secretly laughing behind my hand so don't tell anybody.

No, Bigness and I haven't done the deed yet, we're just too busy and found that I was missing things like, no nice dress to wear or shoes, and Bigness was missing his divorce papers. Details details, when you stop and think about it, yes I should wear something besides my bathing suit and a torn pair of capri pants and I need a new pair of shoes to cover these cold feet, and while I'm at please get a pedicure and get that cruffy hair trimmed. So I've been shopping online at and he's been going through filing cabinets and briefcases and it looks like I've found some shoes but he's going to have to go to his lawyer's office for a copy of what he needs. I'm going to make a T-shirt that says "NO WE DIDNT DO IT YET" It's gone from a simple ceremony in the car (with the windows rolled up and the AC on) to probably a shindig on the beach with a beer tent and karoke. See what happens when you give yourself time to think?


Guyana-Gyal said...

Everybody just sounds so happy there. I can't wait for this wedding, man, Caribbean, cross fingers, toes.

guffawww snicker tee hee don't tell UN Baby but I laughed at what she did. tee hee.

Mary Beth said...

I think that UN baby's gma just underestimated the power of an unsupervised tottler. She's obviously a very intelligent child, who is self-reliant and curious and just up to no good. Sound like anyone we know??? How did those apples get so close to the tree? Lee, I need your personal email address, I have lost some stuff in my address book.