Friday, March 24, 2006

Beach Walk

I took a walk last week (and haven't had the time to post the photos until now), searching for a background to incorporate into a wedding photo shoot. I like to shoot a special background for each couple to put their best portrait in a vignette.

I haven't worn shoes for 6 years now and offically have "Beach Feet." Beach feet are a definite seperation between the big toe and the second toe. Its also when your toes are more permanently spread apart from walking barefoot in the sand. I used to keep a pair of leather clogs under my bed for flying to and from the U.S., but they got moldy long ago. So I threw them away in a burst of garbage bag cleaning. (everything not useful gets thrown into a garbage bag and given away) My winter coat is stored in double hefty bags. Every so often in January we'll get a norther blow in and I'll have to dig my coat out and the 1 pair of socks I still own.

The four green glass bottles are all that remains of the party. I love the green gainey shadow on the sand.

I've titled this peice "A Conversation Between Four Chairs"

The breeze is ON and dry season is officially here. They call this time the Easter winds. This peice of driftwood looks like it was the bamboo mast from a sailboat. Its been in the water a long time before washing ashore.

Palm shadows play like fingers and caress the sand.

Picturesque, perfect, two little dories nestle together.

Cousin's little red boat looks pretty big here pulled up onto the beach.
You can see the palm tree whipping in the wind beside it.

"Ancient Palm Crown" This palm tree has been on Bigness's beachfront property since his grandfather's days. It survived Hurricane Hattie, which split the island of Caye Caulker in two. it survived the storm surge of Hurricane Mitch which covered this little island completely in water from east to west, it also survived Hurricane Keith in 2000 which tore Caye Caulker to shreds.

I settled for the sand and water theme again for the beach portrait that I shot the next day. I find that sometimes its better to shoot some of the photos the next day when the bride isn't so nervous.

I shot the sunset before the wedding because the ceremony was running late and we were running out of light. The actual double exposure was shot with very low light during the ceremony, no flash and then the two photos were put together using photoshop. This was an unusual wedding, the bride didn't even know she was getting married until the groom proposed to her IN THE CUSTOMS LINE when entering Belize, and gave her the ring right then and there. Then he said, how about if we get married tomorrow? Talk about whirlwind!

Back to my wedding plans... they are chugging along like a slow schoolbus.


Ale said...

loving the walk on the beach..

i want permanently spread apart toes!!!!! i want!!

snowqueen said...

What beautiful photographs - and what an inspiring profile! I shall definitely be visiting again.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Stop, stop, you're making me want to pack up and move to Belize.

Caribbean Colors said...

Gyal, get your Caricom passport and come be a celebrity here.