Tuesday, March 14, 2006


United Nations Baby (aka Dirt Gurl) has graduated from the cooler in the shower to the washing machine/garden hose on the verandah bathtub. She still won't take a shower. Pictured here is her babysitter scrubbing her (after a tough day of swimming and rolling in the dirt) like she's a pet pony.

United Nations Baby waits patiently for Maria the taco lady so she can break the world record for taco eating by a 3 year old. 8 tacos downed in a 1/2 hour.


cream said...

So that's what they call going for a quick spin!
Tacos to go! Wow, what a treat!

BamaBlitz said...

Wow, you should call Guiness. My 8 year old maxes out at 4 Tacos in 1/2hr.

hobbes said...

8 tacos in 1/2 hr!? Does she need another spin in the washing machine after that?

Guyana-Gyal said...

The happiest memories of the happiest childhood ever, that's what she's going to have when she grows up.