Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cries & Whispers

Pizzafarian: Tell yur mother to watch what she puts on that blog of hers. That's defamation of character.
Middle Child Syndrome: Whatever.

Me: My favorite order is one that is given, not to me, but to someone with 6 degrees of seperation.

I went to google to find out what defamation of character is and basically, libel is written, slander is spoken - but only if its NOT true. Does having the pictures to prove it, mean its true?


If you can read this, that means you are too close.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Eh? Why is Pasta getting upset? We don't even know who he or she is? All they gotta do is live a good life, clean life and they ain't got nothing to be upset about.

How did Pasta find your blog?

Caribbean Colors said...

I agree GG. What is there to get upset about?
The last words Bigness had with them (before he sicked me on them) was that he had 3 wishes for all of his tenants: 1) pay your rent on time 2) keep the place clean and in good working condition 3) keep your mouth shut and stop complaining so much.
He has those same 3 wishes for me too, lol. Oh, but add, cook my dinner and... (if MCS is reading this, please close your eyes now) ...please wear that sexy nightgown tonight. (o.k. you can open your eyes now)
I decided way back when I started this blog, not do it anonymously, since it would be nearly imnpossible for me to maintain anonymity (spellcheck?), and still tell good stories.
I could be paranoid and say there must be a traitor out there. Maybe they typed my name and the word "blog" in google and it came up with about a million hits.
I'm not the paranoid type.