Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Feeling Inspired

We picked up my oldest daughter (Adria), her husband (Jay) and their 6 year old daughter (my granddaughter May) in the morning in Cancun, close to being right on time and headed south arriving in Belize at our house in the bush at around 9 p.m. It was a long, long day and I’m grateful that Bigness loves to drive for the trip would have taken 3 days if left to me. I would have driven a little, had lunch, wandered around a bit, driven a little bit more, stopped for a snack and a bathroom break, then driven a little more and at sunset, its time to stop and rest at a hotel with a pool. I reiterate, I’m glad I’m just the passenger in these excursions. Upon leaving Chetumal Mexico I announced to Jay, that’s the last MacDonald's you will see for the next 10 days. He looked a bit worried and probably wondered what he would eat all week. After a good night’s rest at our little house in the bush, we headed for Caye Caulker the next morning to start their island vacation. I got to wear some of my new threads that I had ordered online from and had sent to their house to be stuffed into a suitcase. So for now I don’t look like I’ve picked my clothes out of the missionary rag bag. Plus she came like the cavalry with new art supplies!

There was no big agenda. No real plans. We went inland to the zoo and to a butterfly farm one day, they went with Supergirl to San Pedro one day and snorkeling on the Glass Bottom Boat one day. The rest of the time was as follows:


-Beach walk or Sports bar to watch the game

-Morning nap in the hammock or Sports Bar to watch the game

-Lunch AND Sports Bar to watch the game

-Swimming or Sports Bar to watch the game

-Afternoon nap in the hammock or Sports Bar to watch the game

-Dinner AND Sports Bar to watch the game

-Other activities included walks to Chan’s Mini Mart to buy salsa casera to add to the guacamole, and one time to buy linguini for the pesto pasta. Walks to Albert’s Mini mart for cans of Diet A&W Root Beer and Diet Dr. Pepper.

A couple of evenings were spent "fishing" with hand lines at the split and from the main pier (after the game at the Sports Bar). We had more success the second time fishing when we switched the bait from steak fat and french fries to sardines. UNBaby and Maya loved it, for about 5 minutes and then fell asleep in chairs. I don’t know what we would have done if we had actually caught something, it was fun teasing the fish though, and we saw some BIG ones at the split after dark.

Art Info: The new paintings are on silk. The top 3 square ones are for tile designs that will be available soon on The blue morpho painting has already sold, the jaguar painting "El Tigre" is available for $175 U.S. and is approx. 19" x 27". The square fish painting originals are available for $125 U.S. each (plus shipping) and are 16" x 16".


Cream said...

Lee, I think I'd prefer you to drive because I love to stop and wander...
In fact, we should swap lives. Three restaurants for a Coffee Bar. Is that a fair swap?

Your paintings are so refreshing!

Tom said...

It's a pity you guys didn't have time to go to the Sports Bar. I heard there was a game on.

Mary Beth said...

Gosh I love the new square fish tile-like things. Something tells me you need a fourth to make a set...then I can by the whole thing. Really. Let me know.MB

Caribbean Colors said...

Cream - are you crazy, my little teensy tiny cafe for your 3? Sounds like too much work for me, and you know my thoughts about real work. However, I would swap you houses for the month of October, as long as I don't have to work.
Tom - you did? go figure. Any thoughts on fishing with steak fat and french fries? Not a great ideaI guess.
MB - groovy!