Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beach Party

UNBaby Turns 5. Ah you gotta love it, the kind of photos you can blackmail a girl with when she turns 16. Her real birthday is May 1st, a May Day baby, but we wanted to postpone her party until Auntie, Uncle and Cousin were here to join in on the festivities. Keeping her real birthdate a secret was impossible, of course, but she was patient waiting for the big day. We had about a one-month work up to it as her birthday didn't take place until after mid May.

And what party is complete without a king?

Supergirl got the kind of pinata that each child takes a ribbon and pulls open a trap door, because wisely she felt that 5-year olds with bats was a VERY BAD THING.
At the end of the day, after all the pizza was eaten, the orange fanta drank, the sandy candy collected from the pinata and the cake cut, I retired upstairs , because I'M THE GRANDMA DAMMNIT, its up to the mommy to clean up all the mess!

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