Sunday, December 24, 2006

One More Day 'til Christmas

I am the DJ today.
Today, I make all the music decisions.

I have decided that if I have to listen to another freakin Christmas carol, I'm going to poke my eyes out with an ice pick, and you KNOW how important eyes are to a painter, so with no more ado,
(drum roll please)
We're back to our old roations.
Cafe Del Mar
Gotan Project
St. Germain
etc. etc.

Supergirl: But it reminds people its Christmas and they might buy more gifts.
Me: I don't care.
Supergirl: You don't care about store sales?
Me: People vacation at Christmas because they don't want to DEAL with Christmas back home.
Supergirl: No they don't they come here to get away from the frozen north.
Me: well that too, but this is about as non-traditional Christmas as you can get without it being a muslim country.
Supergirl: I'm not changing the music.
Me: Do you want me to chase you with the scissors?

Its time for a nap.

While I'm sleeping holla back at me.
Why do you think people vacation at Christmas time. Do you think they expect a traditional American Christmas? Do you think that if we play Marvin Gaye they will forget about Christmas?


Deb said...

I most definitely would NOT want a traditional Christmas if I were vacationing in Belize. What would be the point...?

I recently moved from Washington State to San Diego. Yesterday I turned on the radio to hear "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" by whatzhisname.

What were they thinking? Does the DJ wish to instill snow envy in the sun-lovin' San Diegans?

Enjoy the day.

island girl said...

I went away for Christmas last year and I had a great time in St. Maarten. I made all of my friends jealous by telling them I was going to spend Christmas Day on the beach wearing my Santa hat. Definitely not traditional.....

I enjoyed listening to the island Christmas tunes all week long. I was extremely happy to escape the cold and snow and spend a tropical Christmas for a change. I wanted to do it agian this year but just could not swing it.

BTW, my favourite Christmas tune at the moment is "Chillin' for Christmas" by Amanda Marshall. In case you don't know this song, it is about spending Christmas on a beach drinking pina coladas. That's my idea of a great Christmas.

Also last year when I was on the island, there were a lot of people there who do not celebrate Christmas since they were of different faiths. They go away to escape the Christmas vibe back home.

guyana-gyal said...

Some Caribbean Christmas songs woulda been real cool, reggae, Trini songs, parang and so on.