Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mr. Badlucky

With my head wrapped in toilet paper to keep the hair dye from running down my face, I’m sitting here writing this post. I’m still having a little trouble with the correlation between what the box says in Spanish and the picture of the girl on the front cover. Either that or the box is lying to me again. You choose.

Today Mr. Badlucky visited us, three times.

We woke up to a newly rebuilt fence sneaked back up after midnight by Cousin Rage. Like a little rat in the night, to block beach access, its family feud time again. Bigness had just broken it down 2 days ago because it limited beach access, was an eyesore, and an illegal fence bordering the property and WORST OF ALL, on Queensland. And you KNOW how we love the Queen here. Back and forth, fences up and fences down. Bigness is much more patient than me, I would have had the chain saw warmed up by now (vroom vroom vroom). But with high season on, and working in the gallery and cafe like it’s a REAL job, I really don’t have time to study those people. Bighness is right though, his bad mind will catch him and if you give a person enough rope and they WILL hang themselves.

I say, the pendulum swings up and the pendulum swings down.

The second thing Mr. Badlucky did today was to kill the new well pump, and all the “plumbers” on Caye Caulker decided it was their day off. (read drunk/hungover) If necessity is the mother of invention, then Bigness and Supergirl were reinvented into plumbers today and figured out the problem and fixed it, once they believed in themselves and bought a new pipe wrench.

The third thing Mr. Badlucky did today was to create an unnatural waterfall after the well pump was fixed. I was in my office getting my email, with my feet tucked up under me, If they had been down I would have noticed the puddle of water sneaking under the door. We live on the second floor above the store, so you know what water likes to do… run down. I’m hearing the sound of a waterfall tinkling in my ears, I looooooooove the sound of water. Its so relaaaaaaaxing.. Ring ring the phone rings and breaks the spell. Its Supergirl “What the hell are you people doing up there (Is that any way to speak to your mother?) YOU’RE FLOODING OUT THE STORE!!!!

EEK! I say and slam down the phone (nicely of course) and realize now what the waterfall sound is, and see the water seeping under the door. I fling open the door to the verandah and our totally manual washing machine is spilling water everywhere because the hose has flipped out of it. The person holding the hose (Bigness) has disappeared to do something really important like make a hamburger or fry something and didn’t hear the waterfall noise over the sound of sizzle. On the upside, the floor is really clean now.

Mr. Badlucky likes to come in 3s, his work is finished here for a while. If you see him, tell him I said so.


Deb said...

Oh, yeah. I had one of those manual washers once. I used it to wash the never-ending baby diapers. One time, I forgot I had left the hose running until the tenant below me came upstairs to ask if my bathroom had a leak...because water was dripping from her ceiling. yikes!

Cream said...

One of our griddles caught fire, the drains got blocked and the fumes extractor broke!
Same as with you, Mr Badlucky had definitely finished his work here for a while...

Caribbean Colors said...

Deb, they are not bad washers, its the paying attention part that gets us every time.
I see Mr. Badlucky went to visit you next Cream. On his way he goes!

Ale said...

what a life...!

guyana-gyal said...

Hahaha, here we say 'You too badlucky.' Meaning, you're too unlucky.