Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Weather Report for Caye Caulker

Just taking a break from Theservingofthecoffee to let you enjoy what today is like here on Caye Caulker.

Santa came last night and brought UNBaby a unicorn head on a sitck so she can have her own pony to ride up and down the beach, new school shoes, a plastic golf set to whop all the boys over the head with, the game Candyland to practice counting, a baby carriage for all the nekkid babydolls (where do all the doll clothes go?). The package from Merica hasn't arrived yet, so there's more Christmas probably later this week.

It was a relatively quiet night last night. I only had to bawl at the police once last night, to SHUT UP WITH THE FIRE CRACKERS MON, people are trying to sleep (they took it well). The sarge is like the dad over there, and was off the island. So you know how boys like to play shoot-em-up cowboys, even big ones.


Hayden said...

It looks gorgeous there. grey and grey and fogged and grey here. Did I mention that its grey?

hope you have a profitable day! Make 'em pay double and thank you for being open!

guyana-gyal said...

Gosh, it sounds lovely there. All we had was rain rain and more...rain! The sun is now back, helping the mosquitoes to breed.

UNBaby sounds gloriously happy.

Ale said...

heey! ok, christmas looks fabulous, what happened on new year's eve?? oh, a friend of mine traveled to belize and i told him to stop by the island.. he did and has great scenic pictures, so now i know you're not photoshoping the beautiful beach and palms! :))