Saturday, October 14, 2006

Photo Friday - September 13 - Destruction

Bigness to Me: Gial... your coco done bite up the seat.

I call this photo "Bad Planning". I shot this in Livingston Guatemala. I have no idea if it was a hurricane or earthquake or mudslide from too much rain that caused this house to tip and slip down the hill. What's strange is that it looked like people were still trying to live in it. Imagine what your diningroom table would look like. This reminds me of one of those crazy funhouses where the floors are tilting as you walk through.

This October is the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Iris that hit Placencia and the awesome forces of nature that tipped this giant concrete cistern on its side balancing it like a sculpture on the edge. Its hard to tell the scale of it in the photo, but its a BIG cistern, taller than me. There it sits right beside the sidewalk main street in Placencia these 5 years. I wondered as I passed it why they would leave it right there all these years, andother than the obvious (being a ginormeous hunk of concrete) it could be a reminder to never forget what a hurricane can do.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

The hurricane season is done for this year, right? I never know when it's ended.

Ask Bigness to sing for you the song Bang Bang Lulu.