Monday, July 31, 2006


Let's play a game.
What makes this noise?
You guessed right.
It's my computer - AGAIN.
This THING has ridden more on the water taxi this month than I have.
It should qualify for the frequent rider's discount.

Computer Technician: No Miss its not the motherboard.
Me: are you sure?
Computer Technician: We're not quite sure why the brand new ram blew up, but our theory is that something interefered with it.
Me: Something interfered with it?
Computer Technician: Yes...
Me: Something like what?
Computer Technician: Well Miss, its not good to leave the side panels off your computer.
Me: I did that because I was having so many problems, that to get this machine to go, I had to wiggle and tap on all kinda stuff.
Computer Technician: When you leave the side covers off things can interfere.
Me: Like what things.
Computer Technician: Uh Miss, we found a dead gecko inside your computer.
Me: . . . oh . . .
Computer Technician: Your computer will be ready tomorrow.
Me: . . . thanks . . .
Bigness: What was wrong with it?
Me: Nothing. They fixed it.


Middle Child Syndrome said...

Thats what the smell was....I thought that UNbaby was eating Fried chicken in grandmas bed again

Rainypete said...

All my years in computers and I've never had a gecko take one out. That's priceless. We found some change inside a cd rom once when a customer brought it in and complained about the horrible grinding noise it had been making, but no gecko.

Brian the Mennonite said...

Hilarious! It was probably only after the crickets, but found its way to the power supply. :)

Older daughter said...

It seems like the little animals love the puters too, we had an ant infestation in ours and we left it open just one overnight. Funny how the dead ghecko was found there:)

DCveR said...

A dead gecko! Now there is a cause of malfunction I had never heard of before!!

Guyana-Gyal said...

You kidding me. Seriously? A dead gecko? hahahahaha